Missionary Activities

Church Planting

 Africa today, there are 578 people groups that are yet to be reached with the gospel. Some have a population of over three million without a single Christian witness. In Ghana the picture is no different. According to the Ghana Evangelism Committee (GEC) 1993 survey, there are 14,000 towns and villages without churches in Ghana. About 66 % of Ghana’s children (6.3 million) are outside the church. There are also 2 million unreached northern and alien people-groups in Southern Ghana and 3 million in the North.


The need to reach these unreached people groups cannot be overemphasized. ACM has a ten-year church planting plan to plant churches in the unreached areas in Ghana and beyond. ACM missionaries have already planted churches in the Central, Greater Accra and Volta Regions.

ACM is involved in both rural and urban church planting. In the urban areas, ACM targets minority groups. An example is the Calvary Victory Worship Centre at Nima in Accra, established for the Bulsa People. Nima is Accra’s biggest slum with a population of about 800,000. Nima is well known as a Moslem stronghold.

The diverse ministries in the ACM Model Churches include the following:

     1.Evangelism & Discipleship 
     2.Missionary Outreach 
     3.Child Evangelism 
     4.Women Ministry 
     5.Family Life Ministry 

Some Members of Calvary Worship Center, Nima.