Missionary Activities

Christian Education

ACM DayCare Center – Amedzofe
Through the use of a Christ-Centered Educational Curriculum with children in the Mission’s schools, ACM provides a head start for youngsters needing to catch the vision for world missions. The curriculum has its foundations in the word of God, without compromising academic excellence. The Mission realizes that 60% of Africa’s population are under 25 years of age, thus the urgent need to focus on them.

The Christian Day Care facility at Amedzofe seeks to cultivate God’s word in the hearts of the children at an early age. Through these children, the Mission hopes to reach the entire community.

African Christian School – Sankor 
The AFRICA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, Sankor, currently has 1,000 strong pupils from kindergarten to Junior Secondary School. 
ACM Vocational Tranining Center – Amedzofe 
The ACM Vocational Training Centre at Amedzofe and the Buem Vocational School at Bodada (sponsored by ACM) provide Christ Centered vocational training for young girls and women in dressmaking, batiking, hairdressing and catering.