Missionary Activities

Missionary Training

As a cross-cultural mission training and mission sending ministry, ACM places a high premium on quality missionary preparation.

In this regard, ACM joined forces with Western Partners to found Ghana’s premier missionary training institution – the Ghana Evangelical Missionary Institute (GEMI).

GEMI seeks to provide biblical, contextualized and practical cross- missionary training for African Christian men and women who believe themselves called of God to go to the tribes and people of Africa and the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ and establish His Church.

GEMI is an inter-denominational Institution with staff and students drawn from Ghana and other countries. Christians from Togo, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and USA have been trained and are actively serving the Lord.

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Medical Missions

Ministering to the total man is ACM’s goal. The ACM team is therefore involved in a holistic ministry that does not just touch the spiritual but the emotional, medical and physical aspects as well. 

Medical Evangelistic outreaches are therefore often held at needy and improvised areas in different parts of Ghana. The medical teams made up of doctors, nurses and other para-medical personnel provide free medical consultation and medication. Evangelistic and Prayer teams minister to the spiritual needs of the people. 

Through the medical missions, numerous lives have been saved from disease and death, many have been healed and delivered from the powers of darkness and thousands of people have given their lives to Christ. This includes fetish priests, occultist and Chiefs of some of the villages affected

Medical Facilities

After a series of medical missions, ACM came to the realization that the medical needs of the people being reached were so numerous that there was therefore the need for a constant visitation of such deprived areas using the medical services as a tool for evangelism.

For this to come to fruition meant the establishment of medical facilities base (equipment, drugs, etc.) to support the outreach programs

Christian Education

ACM DayCare Center – Amedzofe
Through the use of a Christ-Centered Educational Curriculum with children in the Mission’s schools, ACM provides a head start for youngsters needing to catch the vision for world missions. The curriculum has its foundations in the word of God, without compromising academic excellence. The Mission realizes that 60% of Africa’s population are under 25 years of age, thus the urgent need to focus on them.

The Christian Day Care facility at Amedzofe seeks to cultivate God’s word in the hearts of the children at an early age. Through these children, the Mission hopes to reach the entire community.

African Christian School – Sankor 
The AFRICA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, Sankor, currently has 1,000 strong pupils from kindergarten to Junior Secondary School. 
ACM Vocational Tranining Center – Amedzofe 
The ACM Vocational Training Centre at Amedzofe and the Buem Vocational School at Bodada (sponsored by ACM) provide Christ Centered vocational training for young girls and women in dressmaking, batiking, hairdressing and catering.

Community Devevelopment

This project targets the Bulsa people group in the Upper East Region of Ghana. ACM, the Christian Missions Resource Foundation (CMRF) and other partners are spearheading a holistic missionary outreach programme which involves medical missions, Jesus Film evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and drip irrigation farming.

The dubbing of the Jesus film in the Buli language of the Bulsa people was sponsored by the First United Methodist Church, Tulsa, USA and it is expected to draw thousands of Bulsas to Christ. Based on the success of the above named projects, this missionary strategy will be used to reach other people groups in Ghana and beyond.

Church Planting

 Africa today, there are 578 people groups that are yet to be reached with the gospel. Some have a population of over three million without a single Christian witness. In Ghana the picture is no different. According to the Ghana Evangelism Committee (GEC) 1993 survey, there are 14,000 towns and villages without churches in Ghana. About 66 % of Ghana’s children (6.3 million) are outside the church. There are also 2 million unreached northern and alien people-groups in Southern Ghana and 3 million in the North.


The need to reach these unreached people groups cannot be overemphasized. ACM has a ten-year church planting plan to plant churches in the unreached areas in Ghana and beyond. ACM missionaries have already planted churches in the Central, Greater Accra and Volta Regions.

ACM is involved in both rural and urban church planting. In the urban areas, ACM targets minority groups. An example is the Calvary Victory Worship Centre at Nima in Accra, established for the Bulsa People. Nima is Accra’s biggest slum with a population of about 800,000. Nima is well known as a Moslem stronghold.

The diverse ministries in the ACM Model Churches include the following:

     1.Evangelism & Discipleship 
     2.Missionary Outreach 
     3.Child Evangelism 
     4.Women Ministry 
     5.Family Life Ministry 

Some Members of Calvary Worship Center, Nima.

Compassionate Ministry

ACM’s work includes compassion ministries to orphans, the sick, the poor and disabled. Orphans have been resettled through the Mission’s foster home program and the sick have received free medical consultation and medication through medical missions. 

In association with the “Relief of Oppressed People Everywhere” (ROPE PROJECT), many poor and needy people have received assistance to engage in profitable enterprises. 

ACM has also helped Liberian refugees in Ghana. The “lost” and “needy” are on the Lord’s heart and ACM seeks to be a channel of God’s blessing to them.